Jungle Marathon, Amazonas, 2016 The World’s Toughest Race

Vier Etappen durch sengende Hitze, dabei die höchste Düne der Welt hinauf. Beim „100 Kilometer Lauf“ durch Nambias Wüste geht Friedhelm Weidemann an seine Schmerzgrenze.

The Jungle Marathon in the Amazon is one of the toughest ultra races in the world: 132 kilometres over four days, an extreme climate that is a physical challenge in itself, and dangerous animals lurking around every bend. The runners fight their way along tracks through the dense forest, facing mud and swamps on the way. Anyone who takes part needs to be quite a daredevil – like Friedhelm Weidemann. “Somewhere between crazy and fascinating,” is how his friends describe him. The 58-year-old from Düsseldorf has run in approximately 300 marathons over the years and is always on the lookout for his next big adventure, but this race will push even him to his limits.

The Challenges at a Glance

  • 132 kilometers in 4 days
    Thousands of dangerous animal and plant species
    40°C ambient temperature, 100% humidity

“Not on your life, no way” – that is how Weidemann starts almost all of his adventures. But however risky a marathon sounds, he always ends up packing his running shoes and heading off.

Friedhelm Weidemann has been taking part in marathons since 1985. From running along the Great Wall of China to racing through Death Valley in the USA – the tougher the conditions, the more a race appeals to him. The athlete has now run on every single continent and has even been to the Antarctic – South America is the only place missing. The Jungle Marathon will be his first race in the rain forest.

Welcome to the Jungle

Even Friedhelm Weidemann has the utmost respect for the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon. That is precisely why the experienced extreme runner wants to take part in it.

The roadbook reads like a horror novel.