The Green Team: competing in the Californian desert
“Adventure of a lifetime”

Awena, Grace and Soizic are now official “Amazons”: they competed in the toughest Raid Amazones there ever was. They reflect on the race and are above all extremely proud: they managed to persevere as a team until the very end and mastered every single task thrown at them. It was the adventure of their lives. What the three French women experienced and witnessed together in this one week will stay with them for a long time to come.

Their special moments


Soizic wanted to discover something new. The Raid Amazones gave her the intense physical and emotional experience she was looking for.

Her favourite memory
I will never forget the breathtaking landscapes.


Grace is proud of her team. She has happy memories of California and the challenge they overcame together.

Her favourite memory
We really enjoyed our time there. Also the fleeting moments of calm.


Awena had been unsure about the competition. But she found strength in the solidarity of the Amazons and the support shown by her family.

Her favourite memory
It was amazing to be met by the others at the finish line.

Photos: © Raid Amazones (top) & Mélanie Saumure (portraits)